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Incorporated in June 2003, Lattice is a boutique finance and strategy advisory firm. We have clients across Africa. In addition to our consulting practice, we have a training practice.  To learn more about our training  solutions click here. “Lattice”: A framework or structure of crossed wood or metal strips.
“Lattice Consulting”: A consulting framework that combines tools to deliver robust and stable solutions to clients.


  1. We are small and flexible, and give each client focused attention.
  2. Drawing from our diverse skills, and in depth engagements, we connect ideas and concepts to build simple stable solutions for our clients.
  3. We consistently invest in the training and development of our staff to better serve our clients – we grow, so we can help you grow.


  • We prefer to work with clients whose businesses inspire us and where we can  make a difference.
  • We like to build long lasting relationships. It is these long and intimate relationships with our clients that give the best consulting outcomes.
  • We take every opportunity to work closely with our clients staff so that knowledge is transferred and solutions are owned by the organisation.


At Lattice, we help our clients to think through and resolve complex questions with a material outcome that contributes to growth. Organizations have to think through their future intentions and how they will accomplish them. We guide them in that process. We bring new thinking, new lenses, to existing circumstances, and by doing so, unlock a rich range of possibilities. In Summary;

  • We bring thought leadership
  • We help to resolve issues
  • We address complexity
  • Materiality – we engage with issues that will have a significant impact on an organization
  • Outcome - this means that our engagement results in a tangible measurable result
  • Growth – our engagement leaves the client better off than they were before


The Numbers Don’t Lie

Our results are very practical and intimately tailored to your business. That’s why we have a 100% money back guarantee.

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A Team Of Professionals

Charity Mbithe

Charity Mbithe

Communications & PR Associate, Latticee

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John Erick

John Erick

Jr. Project Manager, Lattice Aqua

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